ADHD and Behavior Video

The video below is less entertaining than others, and it goes a bit far from more widely-accepted facts known about ADHD, but it does try to explore or explain some personality characteristics from the viewpoint of a cognitive impairment that is ADHD. “[…] we tend to be less willing to be vulnerable emotionally with […]

Another Example of WordPress Homework

I am now doing the same homework assignment with Hovik. I am still searching for Art Photography, and the page I chose and followed is  : This is still an experiment. I feel that the idea is a good one. Next time, I will search for other tutorials. Here is the homework assignment […]

Trying out the First WordPress “Homework” Assignment

The following homework assignment is designed to help people get hands-on with WordPress. As a prerequisite, one needs a WordPress account. As the teacher, I know this stuff, but am wondering how to effectively demonstrate and teach it. Finding other WordPress sites is not always easy, and most of us don’t have time to […]

Apology as a Tool (AAAT)

Not guilt. Not shame. Not submission. Apology is affirmation and love. For me, an apology has at least three components: Recognition of what you did wrongRecognition of the effects of your wrong-doingA sincere and motivated promise to mitigate such effects in the future Here are some random pages I found on the subject. The following sermon […]