UU Small Group Ministry: Listening (9/2006)

UU Small Group Ministry is a structure where a group of individuals can be there for one another in a structured lay-led discussion group. I was taught the structure with the topic on “listening.” The file for that particular topic is available via the link below.


The usefulness of this topic is that it is important in our everyday lives and it is important in the structure itself of the SGM. That is why it is so useful for teaching SGM.

I had helped create and participated in an SGM from 2011 through 2015. My UU Fellowship asked both of its SGM to let go of the rule where we only allowed membership turnover every six months. Both of the groups refused. Mine closed. The other continued without UU affiliation.

On a happier note, this format is worth knowing. It brings essential questions to the living room. Since we had constant membership for renewable six-month periods over the years, we were able to create connexion. That connexion was there when we needed it.

On “rule” that becomes an advantage in these groups is the absence of crosstalk. By not addressing one another directly, but by contributing to a central space from our hearts, we are able to construct something bigger than the sum of the parts. Words resonate and we all become sounding boards.

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  1. There is a UU Small Group Ministry in Paris that meets once a month and does accept newcomers.

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